The Sea King's Daughter

The Sea King's Daughter


Lithographic Print (Lithographic Crayon + Rubbing Crayon)

13 1/4" x 11 1/4" 

Edition Size: 14 


The Sea King's Daughter II

The Sea King’s Daughter is lithographic print based off the Russian folktale The Sea King’s Daughter. This print represents the moment when Volkhova, a daughter of the Sea King, watches her dearest Sadko play the gusli by her river. This was after he left the Sea King’s domain and her for a life on the land and because she still cares for him, Volkhova watches over Sadko by her river for the rest of his life.


In this print, two editions were made, totaling 14. The first seven prints were as printed from the stone and the last seven prints were modified. I did a 14 drop etch on the water at the bottom of the print to erase parts of the rubbing crayon and create a misty appearance. Boils were added on her face and body and aquatic plants were added in her hair to show my interpretation of a sea creature.

© 2019 Kristy Monnin