Skin Impressions (2019), 1 channel video (color, sound), 148 seconds

Skin Impressions explores the artist’s experience with bulimia and documents the touches, feelings and sensations associated with it. Bulimia is a universal experience, and the artist’s goal with this is to have people without an eating disorder understand what happens in a bulimic individual's mind. Many situations and emotions can trigger a bulimic individual, and this is exploring what certain thoughts and feelings trigger the artist.

Thinking (2019), 2 channel video (color, silent), 94 seconds

Thinking explores the idea of thinking, contemplation and what goes on in the human mind. The video on the left is the artist while the video on the right represents what the artist is thinking about while lying on the couch. Memories and ideas are sporadic and often do not relate to one another and the artist wanted to illustrate that by showing her daily activities. Thinking represents a collection of mundane activities and boring instances of life. The activities that are happening in the video are placed on the same level as the artist and signify the importance of our daily activities; they may not be important or exciting, but they represent the individual and their core unconscious desires.

The Sex Education of Bugs and Insects (2019), 1 channel video (color, sound), 136 seconds

The Sex Education of Bugs and Insects explores the concept of combining audio and video from two different topics together and presenting them as a single piece. The audio was from a dated sex educational video and the visuals originate from various videos about bugs and insects. The artist cut and pieced the audio and visuals together to create something that is visually stimulating, unusual and thought-provoking.